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  • Implement measures to prevent COVID-19 infection. In-vehicle disinfection is performed before and after use. Ventilation inside the vehicle always introduces outside air. The crew measures body temperature and disinfects hands before working. Wear a mask. Wear protective clothing as required.
  • 采取措施预防COVID-19感染。为了在车内消毒,请在使用前后使用酒精。车辆内部的通风总是会引入外部空气。工作人员在工作前测量体温并消毒双手。戴上口罩。根据需要穿防护服。
  • GIFU PRIVATE EMERGENCY provides medical transportation in Gifu,japan.We always take great care and act for the benefit of our customers.We are certified by the Gifu City Fire Department Emergency Department.Use only in non-emergency.We are member of the Japanese Society of Travel Medeicine.We do not smoke.Vehicle emissions are low pollution.
  • GIFU PRIVATE EMERGENCY在日本岐阜市进行医疗运输。我们获得了岐阜市消防应急部门的认证。仅在非紧急情况下使用。我们是日本旅行医学协会的成员。我们不抽烟、车辆排放的污染物少。
  • We use interpreters.We can medical transportation by small private ambulance,medical airplane or bullet train.Nurses and caregivers can attend.There is oxygen and suction device,reclining stretcher and outlet power supply.Please contact us for other equipment.
  • 我们将回复翻译。可以通过小型私人救护车,医疗飞机和高速火车进行医疗运输。护士和护理人员可以陪伴您。有氧气和吸引装置,斜倚的担架和出口电源。与我们联系以获取其他设备。
  • Private ambulance charges are 3.620yen every 30minutes.Extra charges late night and early morning(22:00-5:00 the next morning) 20%increase.In addition,please contact us for assistance,attendance,equipment rental,plane and train costs.Toll roads are round trip charges.Parking fee will be charged.Additional charges may apply depending on other circumstances.Credit card use(JCB VISA Mastercard AmericanExpress DinersClub DISCOVER).
  • 私人救护车每30分钟收费3.620日元。深夜和清晨(第二天清晨22:00-5:00)额外收费增加20%。此外,请与我们联系以获取帮助,值勤,设备租赁,飞机和火车的费用收费公路为往返收费。将收取停车费。根据其他情况,可能会收取额外费用。信用卡使用(JCB VISA Mastercard AmericanExpress DinersClub DISCOVER)。
  • GIFU PRIVATE EMERGENCY is operated by GIFU FUKUSHI TAXI Co.,Ltd.CEO is Koji Ibuka.The location is 813 kamitsuchii,Gifu,Gifu,japan.The general passenger car transportation business was approved in June 2011.The Gifu City Fire Department Emergency Depatment approved the patient transportation business in September 2012.
  • GIFU PRIVATE EMERGENCY由GIFU FUKUSHI TAXI Co.,Ltd。运营,首席执行官是Koji Ibuka。所在地是日本岐阜县岐阜市上土居813。普通乘用车运输业务于2011年6月获得批准。岐阜市消防署紧急部门于2012年9月批准了患者运输业务。
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is small private ambulance,medical airplane, bullet train.

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