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  • To prevent from the COVID-19 infection. Be sure to wear a mask. We limit passenger capacity and provide quiet service. We disinfect, ventilate, check body temperature, and wear medical masks. They will wear protective clothes when the situation required.  / 防止感染 COVID-19。一定要戴口罩。我們限制載客量並提供安靜的服務。我們消毒、通風、測體溫、戴醫用口罩。當情況需要時,他們會穿上防護服。
  • GIFU PRIVATE EMERGENCY is a special patient transfer operation team located in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.We will cooperate in solving "anxiety, worries, universal, seamless" when bringing people with disabilities. We are certified by the Gifu City Fire Department Emergency Department. Only available for non-emergency.  /  岐阜私人急救是位于日本岐阜县岐阜市的特殊患者转运运营团队。携残障人士时,我们将合作解决“焦虑、忧虑、普遍、无缝”。。我们是由岐阜市消防部门急救部门认证。只可用干非紧急情况。
  • The medical team will support. Interpreter service is available on request. Medical transportation by small private ambulance, Air charter or airplane with medical service or bullet train-Shinkansen, on request. / 醫療隊將予以支持。可應要求提供口譯服務。可應要求通過小型私人救護車、包機或提供醫療服務的飛機或子彈頭列車-新幹線進行醫療運輸。
  • The total cost of international medical transportation is the cost of the medical team, the cost of transportation (vehicles, trains, planes), and all related costs. Credit card and QR code payment in the image below is possible. / 国际医疗运输的总成本是医疗队的成本,运输成本(车辆,火车,飞机)以及所有相关成本。下圖中的信用卡和二維碼支付是可能的

Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation Is Small Private Ambulance, Medical Airplane, Bullet Train. 醫療運輸是小型私人救護車、醫療飛機、子彈頭列車。

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